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LEAKY TAPS – A Costly Mistake for your Wallet
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Leaky faucets waste thousands of litres of fresh water each year, It’s a costly mistake for your wallet and the environment which needs to be avoided. While we focus on these situations only in institutions & offices, these tips can … Read More

How to take Shower – Hot or Cold?
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Take it hot Hot showers can do wonders for your well-being. If you are under the weather with symptoms of cold and fever, stepping into a warm foggy bathroom can do the trick. A steamy shower is a natural decongestant … Read More

How Did You Buy Bathroom Taps? Ever Thought of It?
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You’ve just installed the poshest bathroom ever and now are left spoilt for choice by a range of faucets. How’d you make a pick? How’d you decide which goes where? Should you focus on the aesthetics alone or think of … Read More