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AGMECO has been successful in establishing itself as a trendsetter. Based in New Delhi, the capital city of one of the fastest growing economies of the world – India, AGMECO began its journey in the year 1990, filled with innovations, creations and a desire to produce products that fulfill the needs of the customers. With an experience in manufacturing modern bathroom faucets and accessories for the past 23 years...

The Brand

The extensive product range with quality and design to match the international standards is a testimony in itself about AGMECO’S dedication to innovate and improve. AGMECO is a leading choice in bathroom faucets and accessories. Adhering to the core values of standardization, absolute quality and customer delight, AGMECO has been successful in capturing the imagination of discerning buyers...

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There are 2 processes in our factory which can cause pollution or be harmful for the environment. But we make sure that we take appropriate measures so that we do our part in keeping the environment clean.

1. Effluent treatment plant- The water that is there in the Chrome plant, that is not just disposed off. We have a Special Effluent Treatment plant specifically made for such water. All the way is stored in a tank and it is treated there, and that tank is further connected to another plant which cleans the water entirely before disposing it.