How Did You Buy Bathroom Taps? Ever Thought of It?

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You’ve just installed the poshest bathroom ever and now are left spoilt for choice by a range of faucets. How’d you make a pick? How’d you decide which goes where? Should you focus on the aesthetics alone or think of the utilitarian value as well? Should you choose something passable or select something that’d add as a fine detail? All too confusing, right?
Let’s make things simpler. 
Let’s Discuss How To Pick Bathroom Taps.

According To The Water Pressure

Even before you get set go on a faucet hunt, you should be aware of the water pressure in your plumbing systems. Yes, a variety of designs will be available, but not all will comply with this pressure. You should also know that most households in the UK have a low-pressure gravity system owing to the storage of cold water in loft tanks and hot water in airing cupboard cylinders.

The pressure is measured as per the height of these storage facilities and the gravity, which remains constant. The higher the position of the storage, the more you need to worry about the type of faucet you are buying. Please note that combi-boiler and mixer taps are ideal if the water pressure is way too high and a pillar style if otherwise.

According To Style

The options will include contemporary and traditional, sleek and bulky. Your choice of style should also depend on your budget and the kind of basins and bath you’ve purchased. If you observe carefully, you’ll know that the traditional varieties can accommodate two faucets at the same time.

However, if you have opted for contemporary baths and basins, you might have to do with a single faucet. Here’s another clue. If your bath or basin has two holes, you can go for the pillar taps. And, if it has a single hole, you can go for a mixer faucet, which can run hot and cold water at the same time.

According To Colour

Wondering what’s colour got to do with your choice? Well, we’ll talk here purely about aesthetics. While choosing faucets, you’ll come across the most popular variety – silver faucets, which is good. However, you’d want to try some other stylish varieties as well – in golden or black colours, perhaps?

Remember, the choice needs to comply with the rest of the bathroom design. Silver faucets complement all kinds of designs as they are most traditional. But, if you’ve installed vibrantly coloured basins, baths, toilet seats, or even tiles, you’d want to opt for the golden and black variants as well.

According To Convenience

Bathroom taps will come in a variety of materials, styles, colours, finishes, and designs. Of course, these are the primary criteria to look for. However, you also have to worry about the efficiency, utility, configuration, and user-friendliness of the same. After all, the very purpose of buying faucets is to ensure that the water flow is constant, continuous and without glitches.

During shortages, the product should have the ability to operate without getting damaged or exhausting the water content. Similarly, too complex a design would be a turn-off. The faucet should be easy to handle and have a simple configuration.

Ready To Pick Your Bathroom Tap?

Once you’ve sorted out all the criteria, determine your budget and make your purchase accordingly. Do note that taps are perhaps the cheapest of all bath and shower fixtures. However, if you choose them wrong, they will malfunction and demand frequent repair and replacement. So, be smart while picking them, and most importantly, choose a reliable plumber to install them.

Have a beautiful bathroom!

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