General Guidelines on Installation

Installation of Pipelines from Overhead Tanks to your Bathroom

Check that appropriate water column height and thus water pressure is maintained from overhead tank to your taps to ensure appropriate water flow. Normally a minimum water pressure of 1.5 mwc* (metres of water column) and a maximum of 15mwc (in a 25mm or 20mm NB dia pipe, as applicable or recommended by your plumbing engineer/technician depending on the height of overhead water storage tank/(s) and number of bathrooms being served) is to be maintained for proper functioning of all standard bathroom fittings, though for hot and cold water mixers, diverters it is advisable to maintain a minimum of 10mwc.* For Flush Valve, independent pipe of of 1 1/2” (40 mmNB) dia is to be bought down from overhead tank. For calculating mwc see the diagram:.

Pipeline Installation

Outlet point in water storage overhead tank shall always be 25cm above the bottom of the tank. It ensures deposition of all suspended particles like sand etc., which are carried along with water, to the bottom of the tank and thus your water supply to the bathroom become particle-free to a great extent. .

Before start using your bathroom, ensure that overhead water storage tank is cleaned thoroughly and outlet points are unclogged and are not choked with clothes, woods etc. (which is generally done by the workers during construction/installations). It is advisable that after cleaning of tank fresh water is once again filled up into the tank and is immediately flushed out fully (not through your installed pipeline and thus reaching the taps installed in your bathroom/(s)

Keep the number of bends throughout the pipelines as minimum as possible, because bending of line reduces the water pressure.

There shall be an appropriate arrangement of vent in the main delivery pipeline to avoid air-locking in the water supply.

Always test the whole pipeline on a pressure, thrice the normal domestic water pressure of your bathroom before plaster and tile work is being carried out, to ensure that there is no leakage in joints and especially through concealed items of our product line.


Use only a protected, smooth-jawed, or strap wrench on any finished surface to avoid permanent irreparable damage to the exterior finish of the faucets, fixtures and accessories. If possible, install this faucet assembly on the sanitarywares before setting. DO NOT use putty/white cement on counter basin top fittings, as it reduces the aesthetic look of our fittings and your bathroom/(s). For avoiding seepage of water upper and lower washers are provided in counter/basin top fittings. Tighten the bottom lock nut to secure the faucet to the counter/basin. After installation, unscrew and remove the aerator assembly. Carefully open the hot and cold valves fully to flush out any debris in the supply lines. Once the lines have been flushed, close the valves and reinstall the aerator assembly. Never let your plumber throw away the sieve/filtration device provided for inlet of the taps (wherein provided), as it protects internal working parts of the taps getting damaged by debris contained in the water sometime.


Clean the aerators of fittings at regular interval for a perfect anti-splash, water saving and streamlined flow of water. Maintenance of exterior finish of bathroom faucets, fixtures & accessories: The lustrous finish on your fitting should be treated with care. Improper handling or cleaning can damage the surface of any metal finish. To clean the finish, wipe gently with a soft damp cloth and wipe dry with a soft towel, Use only a mild soap solution if required.


Rinse the exterior with water, then apply mild soap over the surface with the help of a sponge and make thick leather of soap. Scrub stubborn marks, if any, with nails applying gentle pressure. Leave for few minutes. Rince the surface again with water thoroughly. Always dry the surface with the help of a soft cloth after cleaning /using to avoid water marks getting stubborn on the surface.


  • Never use any sharp object like PIN, SCREWDRIVER etc. to remove stubborn marks. These may cause permanent and irreparable damage to the exterior finish of the product/(s).

Water contains lime and other minerals that will be left on the surface after the water has evaporated. You can prevent deposits from forming by always wiping the fitting dry immediately after use.

Please note: In addition to the aforementioned care instructions, the following points are specific to certain finishes only. Select faucets, fixtures and accessories are offered in finishes that have been pre-weathered, creating a patina that will continue to develop with age. In addition, items purchased in the un-lacquered brass and copper finishes will change over time and can be polished using appropriate polishing compounds. Fittings offered in a silver-plated finish will tarnish with age. This finish may be restored to its original luster by using a non-abrasive silver polish. Be sure to read and follow the polish manufacturer’s instructions for all applications.


  • Always buy all “AGMECO” products from an authorized dealer/sub-dealer/reseller only.
  • Insist on genuine “AGMECO” spares and accessories for better and trouble-free performance of our product line.
  • For critical items like flush valves, sensor taps or any item/(s) provided with separate instructions/guideline manual please follow instructions/guidelines of that manual in priority to above general guidelines.
  • Look for “AGMECO” brand etched on all our products to ensure that you are buying a genuine “AGMECO” product.
  • Always insist for an INVOICE for all “AGMECO” product purchased to get our free services and coverage under warranty clause.

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