Spacious Bathrooms

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How to decorate modern bathrooms in which space is not a  constraint.

On the trends in decorating modern bathrooms, a spacious bathroom becomes the ideal place to relax, that atmosphere to rest after a tiring day and to insulate the body and mind. However, as in the case of compact bathrooms, a series of recommendations on how to equip them, giving prominence to certain elements and betting for a high warmth, elegance and exquisiteness without too much space.

Exempt bathtubs: experiential element around which the decoration revolves

The bath in the center of the bathroom is a safe bet when it comes to configuring a large bathroom, considering that, in many cases, the idea of its installation is discarded for lack of space. In this sense, freestanding bathtubs Noken are presented as a very good option for this type of bathrooms as they do not need a wall installation. Also, the equipment firm baths Porcelanosa Group , offers a wide variety of models freestanding bathtubs without electronic equipment capable of satisfying all tastes, adapt to all styles and be in harmony with any decor.

On the other hand, these types of bathtubs take on importance in regard to the decorative load they possess, being usually the center of all looks in the bathroom. Therefore, opting for an elegant bathtub design will give the bath design of exquisiteness, distinction and uniqueness. In addition, they are that essential piece to carry out the relaxation, so they are experiential elements, essential and extremely beautiful.

Suspended furniture: minimalism also in spacious bathrooms

The integration of furniture suspended bathroom gives a very clean air and light to the room, because, on the one hand, have their practical function storage bath products, and secondly, an aesthetic function that gives added value to bath. Apart from a practical element crucial for the organization and visual cleaning of the bathroom, this type of suspended furniture increases even more that aesthetic minimalist so fashionable in design, as well as facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the bathroom.

Washbasins: all-in-one functionality

Complementary to suspended bathroom furniture, Noken proposes practicality and functionality all in one, through the basins of support . And it is that a large bathroom allows to opt for toilets with furniture included, which despite occupying more space than the washrooms to use, favor storage capacity. NK Concept or Lounge are two collections ideal to combine washbasin support with bathroom furniture of great sophistication, achieving a great style in contemporary bathrooms.,Because exclusivity and unique character is an added value in a bathroom in which space is not a problem.

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