Manufacturing Process



AGMECO uses Ingots as a raw material whichcomes with a fixed percentage of copperand lead unlike others where scrap is mixedwith zinc in an uncontrolled environment.AGMECO has an inhouse electric furnace withthermostatic temperature control instead ofoutsourcing the job where coal lit furnace isused with no temperature control.


Machining & Turning

AGMECO uses Heavy duty importedmachines for machining processes likeBoring, Turning, Drilling, Tapping etc.These machines are precision intensiveand ensure meticulous products.





Leakage Testing

AGMECO ensures testing ofproducts after machining, sothat defects are identified andminimised at early stage, ensuringthe quality of our products.





Grinding & Polishing

This step onwards AGMECO uses bestquality materials and machines forgrinding/polishing to increase the visualappeal of the product. It is ensured thatthe products are properly handled by useof trays to maintain aesthetic appearanceand hence the products are free of anymanufacturing defects.


Pollution Check:Ducting & Collection

As a responsible firm, weAt AGMECO make sure thatappropriate steps are taken to makesure that Brass Particles are storedand collected after grinding andpolishing, as a result of which thereis no effect on the health of theworkers as well as the environment.



AGMECO uses an in-house,digitally controlled electroplatingplant to ensure that the platingprocess yields best results.





Pollution: EfflulentTreatment Plant

We as a firm understand ourresponsibility towards environmentand hence we ensure thatElectroplating waste water isprocessed and treated before beingdisposed off.



Finally after undergoing the stringentprocess from casting to electroplatingthe products are assembled. Here all thebought out parts are tested to ensurethat they are within the pre definedparameters, so that the quality is notcompromised.


Visual Inspection

This ensures that even after followinga sequence of stringent quality controlsteps, any products that have defectsare instantly removed. Thereforeguarantying that any product youpurchase is of the top most quality.




Leakage TestFlow Testing

After a product is assembled and readyto use we make sure that it passes astringent Water Flow Testing to ensurethat no leakage is found in our products.This is done to provide you with defectfree product.


Thickness Testing

AGMECO uses an in-house laboratoryto test the chrome thickness at regularintervals and to ensure that thethickness is maintained throughout.



At AGMECO packaging is not onlyabout visual appeal, but also theprotection of the product that isbeing transported.