Quality Control

The brand AGMECO

AGMECO is a leading choice in bathroom faucets and accessories. Adhering to the core values of standardization, absolute quality and customer delight, AGMECO has been successful in capturing the imagination of discerning buyers.

Research & Development

The extensive product range with quality and design to match the international standards is a testimony in itself about AGMECO’s dedication to innovate and improve. Latest technology coupled with highly trained and motivated technical experts help AGMECO to churn out innovative products, in order to satisfy the desires of our customers. Our commitment of continuous improvement in quality touches every aspect of our products, services and customer support.

Quality Control

Quality is a way of life at AGMECO, where every member endeavors to comply with the various quality systems and guidelines. The state of the art production facility strictly adheres to the prescribed tests and inspections at each stage of production, beginning with raw material to handling of finished products.

We ensure that our products adhere to National as well as International Standards. Our organization has been certified as ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Assurance) by International Organization for Standardization and our faucets have been permitted to use ISI mark by Bureau of Indian Standard.

Social Responsibility

As a responsible organization we understand that our business exists because of the society and we are not the owners but custodians of the society’s resources. As part of our duty to fulfill social responsibility we have taken following steps:

1. We follow stringent environment control by using Effluent Treatment plant (ETP) for treating discharged water from our factory.
2. Using Dust suction on grinder and buffer shop.
3. Green plantation around work area.
4. Creating funds for philanthropic causes like welfare of workers as well as society.