About Us

Based in New Delhi, the capital city of one of the fastest growing economiesof the world – India, AGMECO began its journey in the year 1990, filled withinnovations, creations and a desire to produce products that fulfil the needsof the customers. With an experience in manufacturing modern bathroomfaucets and accessories for the past 25 years, AGMECO has been successfulin establishing itself as a trendsetter through continuous evolution and upgradationof its products. Our products are a result of continuous interactionwith our customers and understanding their ideas regarding a dream bathroom.

We are a company, who has spent 25+ years of our profession in doingwhat we love. Yes, we love what we do. We are in a long relationship withconstruction industry, which is even more than our experience in manufacturingof AGMECO tapwares.

Currently, we are involved in manufacturing of metal tapwares for bathrooms.Designing taps keeping in view end user’s need is our passion. We put life tomake beautiful designs created by our innovative, talented & expert designers’team. Our manufacturing team has responsibility to make these designs,which perform at users’ end ergonomically. Creating flexible, user friendly andergonomically suited tapwares is our prime objective. Of course, you can say,we give dynamism to faucets.

Our stringent quality control process for each and every product at our stateof the art production facility, combined with latest designs, we can proudlyproclaim that AGMECO faucets are bold and beautiful, because of its form,function and technology.

Following industry benchmark, end users’ feedback & latest trend are ourhabits. We believe in developing simple, neat, easy to maintain & good lookingfaucets & fixtures. Indeed, we love learning new things. Our Faucets are notjust faucets, but the life of bathrooms.

  Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approved
  ISI marked products.

  ISO 9001:2008 certified product.

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