9 Funny Things People Do in Bathrooms While Taking a Shower

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An average person spends about 4,000 hours of his entire life in the shower. Surprising, isn’t it? And this is more than the time devoted to any other activity, including studying, exercising, and even watching TV!

Hold on!  This is just for an average person. For those who are obsessed, the statistics could be huger.

The question is, ‘why so long?’

Of course, this is absolutely a ‘me-time.’ But, we just can’t help wondering what people do while taking a bath. Here are the possibilities of what people under bathroom showers (and we are pretty sure they are all true):


We all have the dear one who’s an incredible bathroom singer. Well, infamously. You’d never hear him singing anywhere else than in his very own private area. Are you one, too? Oh, c’mon, admit.


We haven’t figured out yet why taking a bath is so exhilarating. But, we bet you all have tried a dance move or the other at least once in your lifetime. Under a running shower, that is. That’s called ‘enjoying yourself’ literally.

Strike A Pose

This is definitely an attempt to look like a Hollywood star. You can ‘experiment’ with your ‘wet look’ in so many different ways. Even better if there’s a mirror there. Now we know how all those ‘#ShowerSelfies’ are born.

Drop The Soap

Okay, this is not intentional. It just happens. And thereafter, there’s picking the soap, ‘cleaning’ the soap, and scrubbing it on your skin again and again! No wonder a bath is so time-consuming.

Cup Their Hands To Hold Water

This a weird thing people do. There’s no logic behind it, except that it’s a fun way to pass the time. Hold it and free it. Hold it and free it. Hold it and splash!

Pick Their Nose

This, you can do only when you are alone, right? And, bathroom showers are the best place to be. No one’s watching ya! But, we doubt if it’s a great idea is a shared bathroom. What if something like this happens?s


Throw hygiene out of the window and just do it. According to reports, 90% of people pee while taking a bath. The rest 10% that don’t are lying. So, you’re not alone.

Enact The Scene From ‘Physcho’

Those who have watched the movie would surely remember this epic scene. But, some have taken it to an entirely ‘personal’ level by enacting the scene in the shower whenever given a chance. Acting much?

Rehearse Dialogues They’d Never Say For Real

Have something to say to someone, but could never muster the courage to speak? Let it all out under the water. You know, you could come up with the best dialogues of a lifetime. But yes, to speak out or not to speak out is completely up to you. Fake it till you make it.

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