3 Tips To Keep Your Showers Forever New

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Bathrooms tell a lot about the cleanliness schedules that you follow at home. Although, it might be easy to keep your kitchen, bedrooms and lobby clean but keeping your showers new requires a little of your consideration.

Talking in facts, it is not the age of a shower that affects how it looks. It is the way these showers are maintained that makes the difference.

Here are 3 amazing tips that will help you make your shower look new and beautiful.

Stains from hard water needs to be avoided

It is not at all difficult to prevent stains from hard water yet people don’t follow the regular maintenance that can help in keeping the bathroom clean.

We often see white stains in the shower rooms which make the bath area look absolutely untidy. Also, the water spots can affect the look of your glass. Although, these stains can be easily removed with the help of strong cleaning solutions but if the glass is etched, it can be difficult to restore it to the original.

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, there are a few measures that can help you prevent such stains in the shower. Follow on of the measures mentioned below and you are sure to have a forever young shower.

  • Get a cheap squeegee and use it after every shower to eliminate any chance of hard water stains.


  • Use a daily shower cleaner spray and wipe it off for a clean and mark less shower.

Bar Soaps can be a mess

Using a bar soap may be economical but the problem lies in its tendency to leave soap chunks and drip all over the shower area. Liquid soap are therefore better than others in this context. But if you still wish to be economical and go for bar soaps, clean the edges of the soap after every wash with a wash cloth. Scrub off the ledge if there is anything stick with it.

Keep your feet clean

The worst you can do to your bathroom is to take your dirty feet inside the washroom and turn it into an absolute mess. You would not want your shower floor to change colour because of these filthy steps. To prevent this, use a washcloth and wipe the washroom on a regular basis.

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