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Spacious bathrooms: how to decorate modern bathrooms in which space is not a problem
On the trends in decorating modern bathrooms, a spacious bathroom becomes the ideal place to relax, that atmosphere to rest after a tiring day and to insulate the body and mind. However, as in the case of compact bathrooms, a series of recommendations on how to equip them, giving prominence to certain elements and betting for a high warmth, elegance and exquisiteness without too much space.Exempt bathtubs: experiential element around which the decoration revolvesThe bath in the center of the bathroom is a safe bet when it comes to configuring a large bathroom, considering that, in ma..
A leaky tap is a costly mistake for your wallet
Leaky faucets waste thousands of litres of fresh water each year, It’s a costly mistake for your wallet and the environment which needs to be avoided. While we focus on these situations only in institutions & offices, these tips can also apply to homes & apartment to cut costs and save water. A slow drip can waste about 21-30 litres of water per day, adding up to more than 10,000+ litres of water per annum. A more significant faucet leak can waste 90 to hundreds of litres of wastewater per day. *Simple formula*Money wasted = Cost of Water leaked + Water Management CostCommon types..
All About Bathrooms & Showers
The Ultimate Guide For People Confused About Buying A ShowerAccording to a recent survey, more and more people are opting to install showers in their washroom. The main reasons being it enhances the look of the washroom and also offers other benefits. Though, few are still confused whether or not should they install the washroom accessory and what are the factors they should consider before buying the ideal one. This article aims at answering all your queries within the shortest span of time.3 Reasons To Opt For A ShowerSaves SpaceThough a bath is quite necessary for every bathroom, sometimes ..
How to take Shower - Hot or Cold?
*Take it hot*Hot showers can do wonders for your well-being. If you are under the weather with symptoms of cold and fever, stepping into a warm foggy bathroom can do the trick. A steamy shower is a natural decongestant and also helps bring down body temperature. If you work out and lead a hectic life you should really consider upping the temperature in the bathroom, as hot showers act as excellent soothers that help relieve tension in the body. In fact a strong jet stream from the shower head acts as an aqua massager, gently working its magic on stiff muscles. What's more, hot showers, as it i..
3 Tips To Keep Your Showers Forever New
Bathrooms tell a lot about the cleanliness schedules that you follow at home. Although, it might be easy to keep your kitchen, bedrooms and lobby clean but keeping your showers new requires a little of your consideration.Talking in facts, it is not the age of a shower that affects how it looks. It is the way these showers are maintained that makes the difference.Here are 3 amazing tips that will help you make your shower look new and beautiful.1.Stains from hard water needs to be avoidedIt is not at all difficult to prevent stains from hard water yet people don’t follow the regular maintenance..
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A Guide to Buying Freestanding Bathtubs
Freestanding bathtubs offer you plenty of options when it comes to decoration because they can be placed almost anywhere as long as they are hooked up to plumbing. Because they do not have to be installed permanently into your walls and floors, they can be moved easily even after they have been installed. This way if you decide you would like them in a different room you always have that option to change, not to mention you will not have to leave them behind should you ever decide to move. This article will discuss a few of the major things that you should consider when buying these tubs.Even ..
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