Introduction to Chrome Faucets and Fixtures

Chromium (chrome) is a very soft metal that is commonly used for a wide variety of everyday products such as faucets. Because it is so soft, you will never find anything that is made entirely of solid chrome. The chrome on those new faucets, you feel so proud of, is actually an extremely thin layer that is applied through electroplating on Copper, brass or Zinc (mostly it is mistaken to be made of stainless steel, but it is not like that). It’s not bad that there is a thin layer. It’s just the way it is. Again, chrome is very soft, and if faucets were solid chrome, you wouldn’t want them.

Besides being extremely stable under high heat (which makes chrome great for mufflers and the like), chrome plating is what gives your metal objects that nice bluish lustre we’ve all come to love. The problem is, while chrome is a very durable metal and can last for years, it doesn’t take long for it to get dirty and dull looking. And because you will need to clean chrome frequently, it is important to know how to clean chrome properly. Improper chrome cleaning can lead to accidental chrome removal and some seriously pissed off do-it-yourselfers

Stains on faucets, if not maintained properly, are common. Even leading brands of faucets industry, are not untouched by such complaints (Please see this web link of a forum, where faucet users are seeking tips of removing stains on faucets of a leading brand)

This phenomenon is not confined to certain particular region but is worldwide. Lots of tips are regularly given on internet for removal of deposition on faucets for users around the world. Please see few of suck links below:

Chrome Faucets are mostly made of brass and/or few parts of zinc. Hence the faucets can’t be rust. Rust stains / deposition on chrome faucets are generally considered as faucets’ rust. You can get it confirmed from the following web link, where it is explained in lines read as: “Although rust usually occurs because of iron in the water or rust flecks from pipes”

If you’re looking to clean your chrome steel safely and without damaging it, no matter what it’s been electroplated to, please watch few videos (links given herein below) on such cleaning and stain removal procedures to understand the problem and ways of solving this. We are also providing some home remedies and tips along with video links for your convenience.